Riverview At-Home Instruction

Providing instructional packets and resources is the primary method that Riverview Elementary is using to provide learning experiences to our students. We encourage families to access what they are able to using electronic devices. Instructional materials will be mailed weekly; due to the volume of mailings, they will be staggered throughout the week.

4 Year Old Kindergarten:

A packet will be mailed out every three weeks. Within the packet, you will find the lesson, activities, and resources for the next three weeks. Each week will be in a separate envelope for your convenience.

Kindergarten through Third Grade:

There will be packets sent to all families from March 30 through April 3. By April 3, you should have received, either through pick-up day or mail, three weeks worth of instructional activities. Starting the week of April 6, we will transition and encourage families to access as many materials that they can by using our At-Home Instruction webpage. More hands-on activities or math workbook pages will continue to be sent home as necessary. Families that do not have access to the Internet and/or electronic devices, or who request all materials, will continue to get materials similar to what was distributed in March.

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