General Information

In-Person Teaching & Learning

- Classroom instruction is delivered in person with a blend of direct instruction, individual student work, and/or small group instruction in a traditional, student centered format.

- Students will be utilizing Schoology for a blended learning experience where instruction and activities will be located.

Mitigation Measures

- Any person(s) entering Wautoma Area School District property are required to wear a face covering if both of the following apply;

  - The individual is indoors or in an enclosed space, other than at a private residence.

  - Another person or persons who are not members of an individual’s household or living unit are present in the same room or enclosed space.

  - Anyone over the age of five with a medical condition, disability, or other sensory sensitivity that prevents the use of facial coverings will be expected.

  - 4K students will need to wear facial coverings when in common locations, (i.e. walking to the classroom in the building), and on the bus. Once in the classroom, 4K students are highly encouraged to wear facial coverings.

  - Each student has an individual workspace;

  - Increased cleaning & disinfecting throughout the day;

  - Promotion of Physical Distancing as possible;

  - Plexiglass dividers may be present where small-group services are provided (i.e. Speech);

  - Option to hold portions of day/specific courses (i.e. PE) outside;

  - Distribution of Health Checklist to screen prior to coming to work/school; students and staff who are sick need to stay home;

  - Student assigned seats.

Virtual Teaching & LearninG

-  4K: Instruction provided could, on average, take approximately 60-90 minutes two days per week. This time estimates skill-based practice and hands-on learning activities, as given via instructional packet/parent guidance.

-  K-3: Instruction provided could, on average, take approximately two to four hours per day on course work. This time estimate combines the viewing of instruction, computer-based, and hands-on learning.

  - K-3 course work will include a combination of live and recorded learning experiences. Recorded instruction will be posted within 48 hours of its in-person delivery.

-  Specific schedules, hours or availability will vary by grade level and the model (virtual, in-face, or hybrid) that the class is holding instruction in.\

-  When operating virtually, course work is to be submitted via Schoology.

-  Your child’s primary teacher will do his/her best to respond to your communications in a timely manner. Please know there may be a delay in response, as teachers are still providing in-person instruction if we are in the in-person instructional model. 

Operating Procedures

Before School

- Front Parking Lot (Door 1)

  - Bus drop off and pick-up ONLY from 7:15am-8:05am)

  - Upload by bus to stagger entrance into main entrance

  - Rear Parking Lot (Doors 3 & 4)

   - Drop-off runs from 7:20am-8:00am

  - Arrival after 8:00am will result in having to wait until the busses are gone to come sign your child (ren) in at the office

  - Upon entry, all individuals must use hand sanitizer and wear a facial covering

  - Students will go directly to their classrooms upon arrival. After dropping off items, students will grab their meal cards, get a grab n’ go breakfast (optional) and eat in their classrooms in an assigned seat

  - Two grab n’ go locations will be available for students to obtain a meal.

  - K-3 Breakfast service will be available from 7:20am-8:10am. 4K breakfast will be delivered to the classrooms at 8:15am.

During the School Day

- Students will hand sanitize or hand wash throughout the day in given situations (i.e. direct contact with another, before/after mealtimes, when using communal items)

- Students sitting at least 3 feet apart and all workstations facing ONE direction

- Limit number of students who leave classroom at a time


- Students will wash hands/sanitize prior to eating

- Students taking school lunch will obtain a lunch from one of the grab n’ go stations

- Students will eat in their assigned seats in their classrooms

- Student workstations will be washed after eating

- Visitors who wish to eat lunch with their students will not be permitted to eat in the building.


- Students & staff sanitize hands at the start of class

- Staff travel to classrooms to provide instruction (PE & Library may be exempted based on lesson)

- Students will be issued individual supplies as much as possible

- Communal supplies will be collected and sanitized 


- Students will wash/sanitize hands before and after recess.

- Physical distancing, staying 6 feet apart, will be promoted during play.

- Students will use their own classroom equipment (i.e. soccer balls, jump ropes,) at recess.

- Staff encouraging physical distancing while outside. Facial covering usage outside will be optional, as determined by parents.

- Recess will be scheduled by classroom cohorts. This is subject to change.


- Staggered dismissal to bus based on bus arrival

- Pickup students exit building using door #3 and #4

- Students stand in designated lines in student waiting location until ride has arrived

- Staff dismiss students to parents upon adult retrieving students (after parking) or in the pick-up lineVehicles exiting the back lot need to EXIT by making a LEFT TURN. Making a left turn will reduce congestion with the buses.

A+ After School Program

- Students will be dismissed using staggered times.

- Students will be divided into grade level cohorts. 

Additional Mitigation Measures

Backpacks/Cubbies/Coat Hooks

- Stagger students at cubbies and hooks

- Keep backpacks in classroom for easy access

- Outdoor gear (i.e. coats) will only be stored on hooks and spaced out as able.


- Limit number of students during class bathroom breaks

- Practice physical distancing

- Increased touchless items & sanitize upon return to classroom

Communal Supplies & Centers

- Students will wash and/or sanitize before and after use. 

- As able, items will be collected before next use.

- CDC guidelines will be followed related to communal/student centers. 

Daily Cleaning

- Routine soap & water cleaning throughout the day in classroom

- Frequently touched/shared surfaces will be cleaned/disinfected throughout day with EPA products

- Stored/Cleaning Plan for items not easily cleaned

- Afterschool, the night custodial staff will clean and disinfect surfaces/communal items and then an EPA certified spray disinfectant will be distributed from a Victory Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer on commonly touched surfaces.

Drinking Fountains

- Bottle Fillers will be open for student use

- Bubblers will be closed.

- Disposable Cups will be available for students without water bottles.

- Practice Physical Distancing 

Sick at School

- Follow Health Services Guidelines

- Sick students will be relocated to designated space to allow for rest while waiting for a parent/guardian.

- Please see additional information in the Health Department Reference Materials

Riverview Frequently Asked Questions

Will hand sanitizer stations be available in high-traffic areas?

Yes- hand-sanitizer stations are being set up near high traffic building entrances, cafeteria, library, etc. 

What happens if the hybrid schedule needs to be implemented?

If mandated to implement the hybrid schedule, students would attend for in-person learning two days per week either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday depending on their assigned cohort. All students in grades K-3 have been assigned a cohort. The days that students are not attending in-person, they are expected to participate virtually.

What does the hybrid schedule look like for 4 year old kindergarten? 

Due to the room capacities, class sizes, and cohort schedule, we do not anticipate the 4K schedule changing for the hybrid model. If virtual, instructional materials and guidance would be provided to families. 

What will attendance look like for my child (ren)?

In-person attendance will take as normal. We will operate in a responsive attendance structure where we work with families in a proactive manner during times of illness. Virtual students will be expected to participate by accessing material and submitting activities on Schoology. The most important thing is to keep the lines of communication open. This is subject to change based on Wisconsin DPI directives.

Will my child be able to bring treats to share with his/her class?

NO- For this school year, students will NOT be allowed to bring treats into the building. As a mitigation measure and because of the need to quarantine outside items, the district has decided to eliminate all treats for the 2020-2021 school year.

Will my child be able to use the playground equipment?

 Yes- As of now, we are focusing on hand hygiene. Students will need to hand sanitizer before and after recess. Recess will be scheduled by cohort to start the year. Should an alternative schedule need to be implemented, such as the hybrid schedule, playground equipment access may or may not be prohibited.

What changes with time do I need to be aware of?

 Before School: Drop-off times remain the same (7:20am-8:00am). Busses will now be arriving earlier and more frequently in the morning. The front parking lot is NOT open for student-drop off between 7:15am-8:00am.

After School: Pick-up times have changed with the dismissal of bus students. Student pick-up times will be from 3:00pm-3:25pm. After 3:25pm, your child will need to be picked up in the office. Vehicles will not be permitted in the front parking lot from 2:45pm-3:30pm.

What social-emotional supports will be available to support my child’s transition back to school?

 Riverview has two wonderful guidance counselors who are always willing to provide support. In addition their guidance

How will handouts and communications be handled?

Take home folders and handouts will be limited. Upon the return of items, materials may be quarantined. Any pressing communications need to be communicated either by email, in agendas, or by phone.

How will technology be handled if on a hybrid schedule? 

Technology would be distributed when students are on-site for in-person instruction. Devices and chargers would need to go back and forth to school in the carrying case that has been provided by the district.  

How will technology be handled if on a virtual schedule?

 The distribution of technology would be based on the circumstances. If we have students at school (i.e. on a Tuesday) and then we are directed to go virtual, we would send devices and chargers home with your student (s). If the transition to virtual were to occur over a weekend, we would arrange a distribution day for families to pick-up materials.


How will technology be distributed if I have opted to go virtual? 

On Friday, August 21, we will be collecting school supplies from families who wish to drop supplies off. During that time, technology items would be available for pick-up if your student (s) are signed up for virtual instruction. If unable to attend, you would need to call the office to arrange a pick-up time. Kindergarten will start the year with Ipads, and then transition to Chromebooks. All grades 1-12 will use Chromebooks.

My child is in 4K, does he/she need to wear a facial covering?

4K students will be required to wear facial coverings when arriving and departing the building, on the bus or in a district owned vehicle, and while transitioning throughout the school where they would be in contact with other cohorts in passing. 

Will the facial coverings be required/enforced?

Yes-We hope you partner with us, as we look to educate and use facial coverings. We know it will take some time for students to get used to wearing facial coverings for an extended period of time; therefore, we have included a mask for your child(ren) to start practicing. Families that decide that their child (ren) do not need to wear a mask are encouraged to explore the virtual learning option. Disciplinary action may be taken for direct insubordination of this expectation. 

Does my child need to wear his/her facial covering for the entire school day? 

There will be times throughout the day where facial coverings are not required (i.e. such as outside, lunch). Please discuss with your child your plans regarding facial covering usage when they are not required.

My child is attending virtually, what do the first few weeks of school look like? 

Limited content will be uploaded to Schoology during the first weeks of school. We will provide some direction/activities to help get you orientated to Schoology. Students may also do instructional activities on I-Ready. We plan for more academic content to be uploaded during the third week of September, as the first few weeks will focus on helping students learn the routines, procedures, and other changes related to the mitigation risk. 

What additional supplies would you recommend I send with my child?

The district has provided a facial covering in this packet to all students who are nonvirtual, and one awaits them at school. Your child should have multiple facial coverings due to the need to wash frequently. You will also need to supply Ziploc bags or small paper bags for facial covering storage. Also, your child should have an old smock for art, and a water bottle. Please see the Health Services reference documents for more information. 

WASD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can my child ride a different school bus to go home with a friend or can I call the school and have my child ride a different bus to another location?

NO - Students will be expected to ride their assigned AM and PM routes, we will not make preplanned or last minute exceptions to student transportation as each bus will have assigned seating to capacity. Any transportation exception will need to be handled through parent or emergency contact transportation.

What measures/strategies will the WASD implement to limit symptomatic and asymptomatic spread of COVID-19?

The WASD, in partnership with the Waushara County Health Department, will provide all parents and staff with a Self-Check screening process to use daily before sending their child(ren) to school or staff coming to work.

Will the WASD be conducting daily temperature checks at the entrance of school for students and staff?

No, a fever is one of many symptoms of COVID-19 and we cannot feasibly screen all of these symptoms including a fever at the entrance on a daily basis. We want to avoid congregating a large group of students and staff at the entrances while we would attempt to conduct temperature checks and there are also privacy concerns if someone were to be identified with a fever in front of a large group. We are asking for families and staff members to conduct temperature checks at home before coming to school. If you do not have access to a thermometer, please contact your respective building administrator for assistance.

The WASD in partnership with the Waushara County Health Department will provide all parents and staff with a Return To School After Illness or Exposure Document to reference. Our school nurse, Cari Pronchinske, and potentially the Waushara County Health Department will also be in close contact with families during the entire process.

If one of my children has one or more symptoms of COVID-19, do all of my children need to stay home?

Yes, all students in the household should stay home and use the Return to School Guidelines located on WASD Website - https://www.wautomasd.org/

What should I do if my child is ill, has symptoms related to COVID-19, or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19?

Please keep your child(ren) home, contact their respective schools immediately, and provide the school with a list of symptoms so this information can be provided to the school nurse to provide assistance to families as needed.

Because my child(ren) may have to stay home for long periods of time due to illness or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, do I need to worry about the school district filing truancy against me for these absences?

The Wautoma Area School District will be responsive and not punitive when working with families who communicate clearly and frequently regarding any illness or exposure within their household. We believe in order to make this situation work all parties need to be supportive of each other.

Students will also be able to access the Schoology system to keep up to date on their educational work and to stay in touch with their teachers.

What type of contact tracing will occur if a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19?

The school nurse will perform contact tracing. If the student has had contact with multiple teachers and/or students in their grade, there is a strong possibility that a school, multiple schools, or the school district will need to move to virtual learning for 14 days. This situation would be communicated with families as quickly as possible via emergency messaging.  

What will happen if a student becomes ill while at school?

Each school will have an isolated space where an ill student can safely rest while waiting for the arrival of their parent or guardian.

A staff member will provide the child with a facial covering if they are not currently wearing one.

Parents or guardians would be contacted immediately - It is essential that we have emergency contact information for each student.

If a staff member needs to provide support or supervision to the student while waiting for parent arrival, the staff member will be provided protective masking and eye protection gear.

School staff will encourage the parents to contact their medical provider and/or county health department for support, and also provide a copy of the Return to School Guidance document.

What type of contact tracing will occur if a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19?

The school nurse will perform contact tracing. If the student has had contact with multiple teachers and/or students in their grade, there is a strong possibility that a school, multiple schools, or the school district will need to move to virtual learning for 14 days. This situation would be communicated with families as quickly as possible via emergency messaging.