Dear Riverview Students & Families:

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. As can be expected, this year will look different compared to years past for infection control/mitigation purposes. Please be understanding of the upcoming changes, as we aim to maximize opportunities for face to face learning by keeping kids in school.

Enclosed in this communication, you will find information pertaining to upcoming events, classroom placement and scheduling information, and school operational changes that will occur this year.

Class Assignments: Your child (ren)’s classroom placement has been imputed to Infinite Campus. Please access your Parent Portal if you would like to know which teacher/class your child has been assigned to. Please note that many factors went into placement, and at this time, all placements are final.

Communications/Planners/Folders: There will be limited hard copy materials and communications home. Therefore, take-home folders may not come home daily. Please note that we will follow a quarantine process related to materials, that are handled by staff, that are collected back.


  • Please have your child ready to exit your vehicle if you are in the drop-off line in the morning; the drop off lane is the lane on the right side. It is important that your child is on the right side of the vehicle to exit, so they can exit the car with the help of a staff member and be out of harm from potential oncoming traffic.
  • Our staff members are doing their job, and appreciate your cooperation. We appreciate your patience, as we strive to keep everyone safe.
  • Keeping the line flowing safely will help decongest the traffic from both the street and parking lot. If you need to exit your vehicle for any reason (i.e. say goodbyes, get backpacks ready, etc.), please use the left lane and pull into the lot to park. You will then need to walk your child, using the crosswalk, to the building.
  • We realize there is congestion; therefore, we welcome you to drop off your child AS EARLY AS 7:20am. Please DO NOT drop your child off prior to 7:20am, as there is NOT BEFORE SCHOOL SUPERVISION on duty until that time.
  • Due to our new bus rotation schedule, there will be NO vehicles permitted in the front parking lot between 7:15am-8:00am and 2:45pm-3:30pm. If you have school business to attend to during those times, please park in the back lot and walk to the front.

First Day of School: Due to our visitor restriction protocol, families will not be able to escort their children to their classrooms nor enter the building. You are welcome to park in the back lot and take your child’s picture outside of the building. We will have staff go around and take photos to be shared with you. Our mascot, Buzz, may even make an appearance. We thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Students in grades kindergarten through third grade start school on September 1, 2020. Full day 4K students who are on the Monday/Thursday will start school on September 3, 2020.

Food Service: To start the school year, all classroom cohorts will be eating in their classrooms. Food service will be offering a mixture of grab n’ go and hot options on their menus. We are planning to provide as many options as possible while serving meals in this capacity, but please note that there may be more cold lunch options compared to years past. Be sure to review the food service menus frequently to determine if you want your child (ren) to take school lunch or not. You can access the food service menus on the district website.

Open House: We will be holding a limited open house to reduce congestion and eliminate numerous community contacts in an internal setting. Families with students going into four year old kindergarten will be contacted to schedule a time on Tuesday, August 25 to meet the teacher, visit the classroom, and drop off supplies. Families with students going into five year old kindergarten will be contacted to schedule a time on Wednesday, August 26. Facial coverings are required by all who attend.

Families, who are new to Riverview, may call to schedule an appointment to visit the school.

Returning students and families in grades one through three will not have an open house. Should families want to drop off supplies prior to the start of the school year, you are welcome to do so by dropping off in the back parking lot on Friday, August 21 from 8:00am-3:00pm. The traffic line will go past the Riverview Gymnasium Door entrance. Please do not park your vehicle or exit your vehicle at any time. Please make sure your child’s belongings are labeled, so we can get them to the right locations.

Re-Opening Information: Ensuring your child’s safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us. Please review all the information enclosed, as various protocols and procedures have changed. Key changes have been outlined in this welcome letter.

School Day: The first bell rings at 8:00am and dismissal for pick-up starts at 3:00pm. The first bus rotation loads at 2:55pm. If your child is enrolled in our half day 4 year old kindergarten program, the school day is from 8:00am-11:15am.

Transfer Buses: Eliminating transfer buses has resulted in the school needing to extend the time when the front parking is not accessible due to bus drop-off and pick-up. Please DO NOT use the front entrance to drop-off/pick-up your child between 7:20am-8:05am and 2:55pm-3:25pm. This starts on SEPTEMBER 1.

Transportation: All students have been assigned a specific seat on their buses. Due to limited capacity on buses, special circumstance bus changes will not be honored. Students are expected to ride their normal AM/PM or otherwise scheduled route. Any non permanent changes will need to be handled by parent and/or emergency contact. Students transported by the district are required to wear a facial covering.

Virtual Learners: During the supplies collection day, on August 21, students who will be starting the year virtually will be able to pick up their devices and other school materials needed to start virtual instruction.

Visitors: One mitigation measure that will be enacted this year is the restriction of visitors in the school. Parents, dropping off and picking up children, will be limited to the office area. All visitors will need to be in compliance with the Building Entrance Health Requirements.

See you this fall!

Ms. Jewel Mucklin
Principal, Riverview Elementary