The purpose of this document is to provide up to date detailed information on a variety of topics associated with reopening schools within the Wautoma Area School District (WASD). This document will be updated weekly, as needed. If the document is updated, a message will be sent out to parents/guardians via Infinite Campus Messenger. Nota: Para ver una traducción de esta página web en español, haga clic en "Inglés" en la esquina superior derecha para cambiar el idioma preferido a "Español".

August 14th, 2020 - UPDATE

Limited Open House and Virtual Learning Items

Has a decision been made about Open House?
Yes, because we cannot justify exposing students, families, and school staff members to numerous community contacts in an interior setting prior to the September 1st reopening of schools, we will have a limited open house format for certain grade levels at each building:

Riverview Elementary School:

4K and Kindergarten students and parents will have scheduled Open House times. These teachers will reach out to their families to set up the dates and times.

-  1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade will not have Open House.

Redgranite Elementary School:

-  4K and Kindergarten students and parents will have scheduled Open House times. These teachers will reach out to their families to set up the dates and times.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will not have Open House.

Parkside School:

-  4th Grade students transitioning from Riverview Elementary, and 6th grade students who are transitioning over from Redgranite Elementary will have scheduled Open House times. These teachers will reach out to their families to set up the dates and times.

-  5th Grade, 6th Grade students coming up from Parkside, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade will not have Open House.

Wautoma High School:

-  9th - 12th Grade will not have Open House.

-  On September 1st, the 9th Grade students will have the entire day devoted to their transition with the assistance of the Link Crew and the Staff.

New Students:

-  At Redgranite, Riverview, and Parkside School - If a new student does not fit into one of the open house groups and would like to meet their teacher or tour the school, please call to make an appointment.

-  At Wautoma High School - New students will be contacted by the WHS office to visit the school on September 1st during 9th grade orientation.

-  If your child(ren) does not have Open House, and you have a large amount of supplies that cannot be carried in by the student on the first day of school, we will have staff members outside of your respective schools main entrance on Friday, August 21st from 8 AM to 3 PM to accept these supplies and deliver them to your child’s classroom.

What if I start my child(ren) out with Virtual Learning and want to transition back to In-Person Learning or Vice Versa? How many times can I make this transition?

-  We are asking families who start either In-Person or Virtual only transition to the opposite model 1 time within a semester. It is difficult for all parties involved to transition numerous times between models during the school year.

-  We understand the school district may have to transition students between models due to a Health Emergency Situation within the school district. These transitions would not be counted toward the 1 transition limit per semester.

If my child(ren) is starting out in the Virtual Learning Model, how do I pick up their digital learning device?

-  Please pick up your child’s device outside of your respective school’s designated location on Friday, August 21st from 8 AM to 3 PM. We will have staff members available to deliver the device to your vehicle. If you cannot pick up the device on this date, please contact your child’s school to set up a pick-up date and time between August 24th and August 27.

August 5th, 2020 - UPDATE


-  As most of you are aware, Governor Evers ordered a Mask Mandate from August 1st through at least September 28th. The Wautoma Area School District is required to follow this mandate; therefore, the Order requires: “Every individual, age five and older, in Wisconsin shall wear a face covering if both of the following apply:

    - The individual is indoors or in an enclosed space, other than at a private residence; and; b. Another person or persons who are not members of an individual's household or living unit are present in the same room or enclosed space.”

    -  Linked below are the 1. Mask Mandate FAQ document, 2. The State Mask Mandate Document, 3. The State Mask Order Document. These items should address most of your questions.
Mask Mandate
Mask Mandate FAQ
Mask Order

-   Some important notes from these documents.
    - Students 5 years or older will need to wear a mask.
  - Masks need to be worn indoors at all times unless students and staff are eating or drinking.
  - Face Shields cannot be used as a substitute.
  - Masks are required to be worn even when exercising for athletics, physical education, or in
Fitness Center

    - While a single individual is giving a religious, political, media, educational, artistic, cultural, musical, or theatrical presentation for an audience, the single speaker may remove the face covering when actively speaking. While the face covering is removed, the speaker must remain at least 6 feet away from all other individuals at all times.

-  The Wautoma Area School District will provide each student with 1 - Wautoma Hornet Logo Two-Ply Facial Covering, and 1 - White 3-Ply Cotton Facial Covering.

    -  If this order is overturned or is modified before the school year starts, we will communicate to all parents and guardians as soon as possible and defer to our original plan which is outlined in the first posting of the FAQ document.

    -  If you have any questions about utilizing the Wautoma Area School District Virtual Learning option, please contact your respective building principal as soon as possible.

A+ After School Program 2020/21 Reopening

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- Will afterschool programming still be offered at Redgranite, Riverview, and Parkside?  

Yes! After School programming will be offered for Kindergarten through 8th Grade students with modifications.

- Can I still enroll my student?

Enrollment is currently full. Families interested in enrolling their student are encouraged to complete the enrollment application early to get on the waiting list so they can join when spots open up: https://www.wautomasd.org/o/wasd/page/application-registration. Any questions can be directed to Kendra Knutson knutsonk@wautoma.k12.wi.us or 920-787-7112 x1305.

- What changes can we expect at A+ this year?

Infection control & mitigation measures will be in place and aligned with the school day such as:

  - Health Self-Screening required (district provided) for all employees and youth prior to A+.
  -  Physical distancing: small groups by grade level with same instructor daily when possible, no indoor large group events.
  - Frequent hand sanitizing/washing
  - Facial coverings required when physical distancing is not possible or use of other physical barriers may be implemented (facial coverings currently mandated for all employees and students)
  - Visitor restrictions (no partners, volunteers or families allowed inside the buildings
  - No field trips requiring busing/vans
   - Limit sharing of supplies and equipment, students will have individual supply kits, we will conduct no equipment activities & games when possible.
   - Cleaning and disinfecting shared items and spaces.
   - Activities and clubs decided by group votes to meet most student interests.
   - Partner programming to be offered virtually or outdoors.
   - Volunteer tutors to provide programming virtually or outdoors.
   - Family field trips where families transport themselves.
   - Family events held outdoors.

What should my child bring to A+?
Water bottle
- Facial covering

- If my child is sick, do I need to let A+ know?
Yes, please inform the site coordinator at your child’s site anytime they will not be attending A+ whether it is because they are not feeling well or other reasons. If your child will not be attending A+, they will need to be picked up from the school (there will not be room on the school bus).

- What happens if my child gets sick at A+?
A+ will follow the same protocol as the school day.

- What will pick up time look like?
Families must remain outside, waiting in / near their vehicle. Families will be greeted outside and A+ team members will radio for your student and send them out to you as well as provide any updates.

- Will my child be able to ride the late bus?
Yes! Late bus will still be available. Students will need to wear facial coverings while on the bus, will have assigned seats and will need to follow bus procedures.

What if my child doesn’t need to ride the late bus every day?
Each student choosing the late bus option will need to ride on their scheduled days to keep their spot. Due to limited capacity, assigned seats and potential multiple routes, students will not be able to change between transportation plans.

- What if my child cannot attend school due to quarantine/shutdown, etc. will they still be able to participate in A+ Programs remotely?
Yes, we are working on plans to provide virtual and remote programming should students be unable to attend A+ physically. Students will not be allowed in this case to attend physically.



- What Teaching and Learning model was approved by the Wautoma Area School District Board of Education?On July 13th, 2020 the Wautoma Area School District Board of Education approved starting the 2020-2021 school year with In-Person Teaching and Learning Monday-Friday with an option of At-Home Virtual Learning for parents who are not comfortable sending their child(ren) to school for In-Person instruction. Listed below are major items associated with this decision.

The Board of Education also approved a Hybrid Teaching and Learning Model if needed. This model would divide the WASD student population into two cohorts to reduce the number of students in the district facilities and transportation. The “A” cohort would attend Monday and Thursday, and the “B” cohort would attend on Tuesday and Friday. These cohorts are currently being created to ensure all family members are together on the set days. Parents will be notified of their child’s cohort on their schedule so if we need to move to this model, everyone will be informed in advance.

- What should I do if I want to enroll my child(ren) into the At-Home Virtual Learning Program?If you have not registered your child(ren) at this time, you can do so by visiting www.wautomasd.org and clicking on the Student Registration Button. Please contact Julia Staehler at 920.787.3354 extension 1210 if you have any registration questions. If you are interested in the At-Home Virtual Learning option, please register your child(ren) using the process shown above and then contact your child(ren)’s respective principal to prepare for this process. List of principals:

- Redgranite Elementary School, Caitlin Reinke at 920.566.2357
- Riverview Elementary School, Jewel Mucklin at 920.787.4590
- Parkside School, Deb Premo at 920.787.4577
- Wautoma High School, Jennifer Johnson at 920.787.3354

- What type of Learning Management System will be used for the Virtual Learning option?
The WASD will use the Schoology Learning Management System during all three Teaching and Learning models so students and parents are familiar with the system if we need to transition through the three models during the school year. Parents and students will be provided more information regarding Schoology in the upcoming month, but here is a link to their website for basic information: Schoology LMS

- What type of Digital Technology will be provided to my child(ren)?
WASD students K-12 will be provided with a chromebook to use at school and at home to access Schoology and other necessary education resources through all three Teaching and Learning models.

- What type of virtual instruction will my 4K student receive?
4K students will receive packets to be completed at home and returned to the school bi-weekly. School staff will also be in contact with families to provide academic support.

- Who should I contact if I do not have access to the internet at home or my internet speed is too slow for my child to access necessary educational resources?
If you need assistance with obtaining or improving your internet access, please contact your respective building principal or Eric Highlander at 920.787.3354 extension 1113.

- Who should I contact if I am having issues with the At-Home Virtual Learning System?
Please contact your respective building principal as soon as possible if you are experiencing any issues with the At-Home Virtual Learning process.



- What measures/strategies will the WASD implement to limit symptomatic and asymptomatic spread of COVID-19?  
 The WASD in partnership with the Waushara County Health Department will provide all parents and staff with a Self-Check screening process to use daily before sending their child(ren) to school or staff coming to work. This screening process will focus on the following items:

- What to do if you have been informed that someone in your household has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

- What to do if anyone in your household has any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

- What to do if you have a fever and no other symptoms

-  Will the WASD be conducting daily temperature checks at the entrance of school for students and staff?
No, a fever is one of many symptoms of COVID-19 and we cannot feasibly screen all of these symptoms including a fever at the entrance on a daily basis. We want to avoid congregating a large group of students and staff at the entrances while we would attempt to conduct temperature checks and there are also privacy concerns if someone were to be identified with a fever in front of a large group. We are asking for families and staff members to conduct temperature checks at home before coming to school. If you do not have access to a thermometer, please contact your respective building administrator for assistance.

The WASD in partnership with the Waushara County Health Department will provide all parents and staff with a Return To School After Illness or Exposure Document to reference. Our school nurse, Cari Pronchinske, and potentially the Waushara County Health Department will also be in close contact with families during the entire process.

-  When will I receive the COVID-19 Reference paperwork created by the Health Department/School District? 
The paperwork will be mailed out to all families in Mid-August.

-  If one of my children has one or more symptoms of COVID-19, do all of my children need to stay home?
Yes, all students in the household should stay home and use the Return to School Guidelines located on WASD Website - https://www.wautomasd.org/

- What should I do if my child is ill, has symptoms related to COVID-19, or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19?
Please keep your child(ren) home, contact their respective schools immediately, and provide the school with a list of symptoms so this information can be provided to the school nurse to provide assistance to families as needed.

- Because my child(ren) may have to stay home for long periods of time due to illness or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, do I need to worry about the school district filing truancy against me for these absences?
The Wautoma Area School District will be responsive and not punitive when working with families who communicate clearly and frequently regarding any illness or exposure within their household. We believe in order to make this situation work all parties need to be supportive of each other.

Students will also be able to access the Schoology system to keep up to date on their educational work and to stay in touch with their teachers.

- What will happen if a student becomes ill while at school?
Each school will have an isolated space where an ill student can safely rest while waiting for the arrival of their parent or guardian.
- A staff member will provide the child with a facial covering if they are not currently wearing one.
- Parents or guardians would be contacted immediately - It is essential that we have emergency contact information for each student.
- If a staff member needs to provide support or supervision to the student while waiting for parent arrival, the staff member will be provided protective masking and eye protection gear.
- School staff will encourage the parents to contact their medical provider and/or county health department for support, and also provide a copy of the Return to School Guidance document.

- What type of contact tracing will occur if a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19?
The school nurse will perform contact tracing. If the student has had contact with multiple teachers and/or students in their grade, there is a strong possibility that a school, multiple schools, or the school district will need to move to virtual learning for 14 days. This situation would be communicated with families as quickly as possible via emergency messaging. 


-  What other safety measures will be taken?
Hand Hygiene: It is expected that students and staff will either wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer: As they enter the school building; Before they enter the classroom; Before they go to lunch; Before and After recess; After they sneeze or cough into their arm or if they use a tissue. Because of limited sink access at certain buildings, we will have numerous safe and appropriate hand sanitizer options in the hallway and in the classroom. All individuals would cough and/or sneeze into a tissue or into their elbow. Handwashing or hand sanitizing should happen directly after this event. All individuals should avoid touching their facial area, sticking their fingers in their mouth, etc. Tissues and No-Touch Trash Cans will be readily available.

  - Physical Distancing: Each school will attempt to the best of their ability to safely physically distance students from the time the students enter the school until they leave at the end of the day. Other measures such as facial coverings and plexiglass barriers will be used in situations where students cannot be properly physically distanced from each other. We will remove and reduce opportunities for large congregations.

  - Facial Coverings: Facial coverings are required for each student who rides a school bus or any other school district transportation. AT THIS TIME: We would strongly encourage that each student and staff member have at least one facial covering at school as they may be required to wear it in situations where physical distancing cannot be achieved such as, but not limited to: , Classroom Lab Activities, middle school and high school music classes, hallway passing at the secondary level, at the beginning of the day as students enter the building together and at the end of the day as we prepare to load buses and take students to their rides. We will have disposable masks for students to use if they do not have one available. The Waushara County Health Department has indicated that facial coverings reduce the transmission of COVID-19, but does not eliminate any individual from being a close contact if physical distancing does not occur.

  - If my child is enrolled in a course at the Fox Valley Tech Wautoma Campus, will they be required to wear a facial covering? 
Yes - Fox Valley Tech will require anyone who enters their Wautoma Campus building to wear a facial covering. You will be kept up to date if Facial Coverings become mandatory for all students and staff members due to a local or state mandate.

-  Ventilation: Each school within the WASD has had a new HVAC system with MERV Filters installed within the past 5 years. Per recommendation from the Waushara County Emergency Management, we will have our outside airflow into the building set at 20% and we will run our HVAC fans continuously to maintain high air exchange. When appropriate, we will hold classes outside as much as possible until the weather no longer permits this option.

-  Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Addressing Shared Objects, Spaces, and Equipment
During the day shared objects and spaces will be disinfected with an Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) product; as well as commonly touched areas.

- Classroom doors will be left open, but locked so they will not be touched frequently, but can be secured quickly in case of an emergency.

- Bathroom hand dryers will be deactivated to reduce the spray of water, and paper towels will be provided in each restroom.

- Lockers and hooks will be used only for coats or outside wear; otherwise students will use backpacks or individual cubbies and will only use their individual supplies - No shared supplies.

-  After School, the night custodial staff will clean and disinfect surfaces and then an EPA certified spray disinfectant will be distributed from a Victory Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer on commonly touched surfaces.

Visitor Restriction Protocol: 

The school district will limit non-essential visitors and visits, and all visitors will need to be in compliance with the Building Entrance Health Requirements. Parents will have access to the office area to pick up their child, drop off their child, and to pick up or drop off items.

-  Can I eat lunch with my child? 
Parents will not be able to eat with their child in their classroom or in the cafeteria, but parents would be able to eat lunch outside with their child away in their vehicle or in front of the school away from other students.

-  What will Open House look like? 
More Information to come - we are working to set up a staggered schedule with assigned entrances at each building. Facial Coverings will be required for anyone entering the buildings during Open House. Detailed information will be provided in the next update.

-  Facility requests for community use of internal areas of the school district buildings will not be approved until we are given clearance by the county health department.

-  Large group field trips and face to face fundraisers will also be postponed at this time.

-  Vendors and Contractors that are needed within the school setting will be required to register with our Visitor Management System, pass the health screening checklist, wear a facial covering at all times, and be escorted by a staff member to their area of work.

-  Will water fountains/bubblers be available?
No, water fountains/bubblers will be shut down to reduce frequent areas of touch; however, any water fountain or bubbler with a water bottle filler will be operational- this filler will be on for students to fill their personal water bottles. We will also have disposable paper cups near the water bottle filler station.


-  Who should I contact if my child(ren) has/have social, emotional, and/or mental health concerns regarding returning to school?
Please contact your child(ren)’s respective school and ask to speak with the school counselor. The school counselor will listen to your concerns and work with you to set up a plan to address these concerns. We will continue to work with staff members on identifying and addressing any situations causing students anxiety in their return to school.

-  Will the school district still implement Morning Meeting, Circle of Power and Respect(CPR), and START each day?
Yes, Morning Meeting will be held in grades 4K to 5th, Circle of Power and Respect will be held in grades 6th-8th, and START will be held in grades 9th-12th

WASD Student Transportation

What will student transportation look like during the COVID-19 Event?


-  Because students cannot be properly physically distanced on the school bus and the ventilation system on school buses is not as effective as in the school buildings, we will REQUIRE all students to wear facial coverings who ride the school bus or use school district transportation.

-  Students will be required to use hand sanitizer as they enter the bus. The hand sanitizer dispenser will be fixed to the wall of the bus stairwell.

-  Buses will be disinfected following the AM and PM route with special attention to high touch areas.

-  If your child(ren) normally rides the school bus, but you plan on transporting your child(ren) to school this year, please contact Dave Reilly at 920.787.3875 so he can make adjustments to the bus routes.

-  Can my child ride a different school bus to go home with a friend or can I call the school and have my child ride a different bus to another location? 
NO - Students will be expected to ride their assigned AM and PM routes, we will not make preplanned or last minute exceptions to student transportation as each bus will have assigned seating to capacity. Any transportation exception will need to be handled through parent or emergency contact transportation.


-  Will my child(ren) still have the opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch at school and what will the Food Services Program look like?

Yes, breakfast and lunch will still be available to each student; however, the structure of how this will look can vary by building.

-  Students will need to hand sanitize before eating breakfast and lunch.

-  Some students may eat in class and some students may eat in the cafeteria depending on how we can physically distance students during this time and have them facing the same direction while eating and talking.

- We will use disposable utensils and condiment packets to reduce items touched. So we can reduce some paper waste, we have enough trays for each student and the trays will be cleaned and disinfected through our normal sanitation process.

-  Food service workers will be required to wear facial coverings at all times.

-  All commonly touched surfaces within the kitchen, cafeteria, classrooms, and dining areas will be cleaned and disinfected between users and after the lunch period is over.

-  All cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be EPA approved.